*ÙR* – Till Gu Gàidhlig / *NEW* – Return to Gaelic – Autumn 2021



*ÙR* – Till gu Gàidhlig – Air-loidhne / *NEW* – Return to Gaelic – Online

With Catriona Black

This is for:

  • native speakers/former GME pupils
  • living anywhere in Uist from Berneray to Eriskay
  • with children at primary school age
  • who want to regain their fluency and confidence in speaking Gaelic

Till Gu Gàidhlig / Return to Gaelic is a new opportunity which will focus on helping you to gain confidence in your Gaelic and bring back fluency in a supportive atmosphere. You will reclaim and learn new vocabulary and look at useful language structures. Work on bringing Gaelic back into your daily life and make friends through the language.

10 weeks, Tuesdays 1830-2000 from Tuesday 5/10/21 to Tuesday 7/12/21

These sessions will take place on Zoom.

Special introductory price of £80 for 10 weeks

*Please note – the sessions in the October holidays will be moved or kept as is depending on what works best for the group, this will be decided on week 1 with the tutor*


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