Brand new online Gaelic conversation classes!

A bheil sibh ag iarraidh a bhith nas fheàrr air cabadaich anns a’ Ghàidhlig? 

Thigibh chun na clasaichean ùr againn – a’ ruith airson 4 seachdainean a’ tòiseachadh an ath-mhìos!  Gheibh sibh taic neo-fhoirmeil bho sàr-oidean, a’ neartachadh ur sgilean cànain agus briathrachas. 

Looking to improve your Gaelic conversation?

Come along to our new online summer conversation classes which will take place over 4 weeks in June.  Our local native guides will informally support you to improve your conversational language skills and vocabulary. Grammar and structures will not be taught in these sessions as the focus is on speaking and practising, and you will pick up new vocabulary and structures as you go.

Full details:

Dates – week beginning 5th June to week beginning 26th June

Levels – Post-beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Cost – £60 / £50 (Western Isles Residents)

Post-beginners: For those who have undertaken some Gaelic classes already and are familiar with basic structures, greetings and vocabulary. This will give you the chance to practise speaking and expand your vocabulary and use of simple Gaelic in conversation. 

Intermediate: For those with a good knowledge of various structures and wish to practise speaking and develop understanding and vocabulary in a variety of subjects. 

Advanced: For those who are able to hold a conversation in Gaelic and use more complicated language structures and would like to practise using Gaelic. This will help you to practise and expand your speaking and listening abilities across a wide variety of topics.

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