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Gaelic Language Classes & Courses

Would you like a chance to practise spoken Gaelic in a small group on Zoom?

Ceòlas is offering five levels of classes for learners which will be delivered over 10-week blocks starting in September/October 2021. 


The Complete Beginners is for people with no knowledge of the language and will also make use of new SpeakGaelic materials.

The Post Beginners class is appropriate those who have had some limited exposure to Gaelic, such as through using Duolingo or other course and want a chance to speak and listen.

The Intermediate class is for those who have a growing understanding of structures and vocabulary but want to gain confidence in speaking and listening skills. There are two levels.

The Advanced class is for fluent speakers, with one of the classes having additional content in Gaelic grammar.

Get in quickly as classes are limited to 8 participants to ensure maximum speaking time.

We also have in-person and online conversation sessions. 


*New for 2021* – Till gu Gàidhlig / Return to Gàidhlig

An opportunity for native speakers/former GME pupils, living in Uist, with children at primary age, to bring back your Gaelic and gain confidence in the language in a supportive and fun atmosphere. 

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