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Troy MacGillivray

Fiddle (Advanced)

Troy MacGillivray - fiddle tutor

Troy MacGillivray was raised in Lanark, Nova Scotia, and has 4 albums: Musical Ties (2001), Boomerang (2003), Eleven (2005) and Live at the Music Room (2008).

From repeat appearances at Scotland’s Celtic Connections Festival to a tour in British Columbia to appearing at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Championships to promotional tours in Toronto, Ottawa, Boston and Chicago, Troy continues to impress and amaze audiences around with world with his incredible array of talent.

Troy’s bloodline is equally as impressive. The Lanark MacGillivrays and MacDonalds have been proprietors of the Gaelic tradition in North Eastern Nova Scotia for generations. Troy’s grandfather, Hugh A. MacDonald, is a member of the Nova Scotia Country Hall of Fame – an honour bestowed for his contribution to the Gaelic culture of Nova Scotia. Troy’s parents, Tony and Janice, are talented musicians in their own rights while his sister, Kendra, is a two time East Coast Music Award winning Celtic fiddler and his sister Sabra, is an accomplished dancer and percussionist. Whether playing piano or fiddle, or showcasing his stepdancing capabilities, Troy MacGillivray displays a unique sense of pride and commitment to his Celtic heritage and his music continues to add to the history and development of the traditional music that is the epitome of the Maritimes, the place he calls home!