Youth Piping (first & second choice)

Mìcheal Steele

Morning, afternoon or all-day tuition for 14-17 year olds; general piping tuition working towards end of school performance on Friday.

Pìobaireachd Song (first choice)& Ceòl Mòr (second choice)

Ailean MacDonald

In Pìobaireachd Song, the Gaelic songs underpinning Ceòl Mòr will be taught through the lense of the West Highland piping tradition. Examples include ‘Maol Donn’, ‘Cumha na Cloinne’, ‘Cumha Mhic an Tòisich’ and ‘Colla mo Rùin’.

The Ceòl Mòr class will teach pieces of ‘Big Music’ (often called ‘pibroch’ in English), relying on recent advancements in the way the we understand this music as part of the Gaelic cultural idiom.

Piping for Dancing (first & second choice)

Seonaidh MacIntyre, Angus Nicolson

A more social form of piping style common in Hebridean and Cape Breton traditions, concentrating on rhythmic dance tunes such as reels, strathspeys and jigs, instead of technical execution. Practice chanters or small/reel pipes during the week.