Ceòlas Summer School

Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th July 2022

Ceòlas looks forward to welcoming students to South Uist once more and to introduce you all to our new premises at Cnoc Soilleir.

The Ceòlas Summer School is a mission to understand the natural rhythms which are inherent in the Gaelic language and to explore how these impact on the way tunes are played on pipes, fiddle and clarsach; how we sing Gaelic songs; and how we step dance percussively to the pulse of the music. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in this understanding, not only in the classes but also at concerts, sessions and when visiting members of the community at a house cèilidh.

As usual students are asked to choose one main subject (the First Choice class) which has tuition twice each day. There is also a Second Choice class which is taught once each day. The classes in Reels and Quadrilles and Seanchas are only taught as a second choice class. There are Gaelic for All sessions each day and available at a range of levels. To finish each day students are mixed together, and guided rather than taught by the tutors, are challenged to create a short set of music, song and dance which can be performed on the final day of the Summer School.

When filling in the application form students are asked to make sure that they choose a level which best matches their ability. If you are unsure about which level you might be at in Gaelic you can check your own level here. If you feel that you may have to change your level/class please inform the Ceòlas office in the first instance who will be happy to assist you in finding the correct class for you.

1st Choice2nd Choice
GaelicIntermediateGaelicPost Beginner
GaelicPost BeginnerGaelicBeginner
GaelicBeginnerSeanchasAngus John MacDonald
ClarsachIngrid HendersonClarsachIngrid Henderson
FiddleIntermediateArchie McAllisterFiddleArchie McAllister
Cape Breton FiddleAdvancedKimberley FraserCape Breton FiddleKimberley Fraser
FiddleBeginnerKyle MacDonaldFiddleBeginnerKyle MacDonald
Gaelic SongGillebrìde MacMillanGaelic SongGillebrìde MacMillan
Gaelic SongMàiri MacMillanGaelic SongMàiri MacMillan
Gaelic SongCathy Ann MacPheeGaelic SongCathy Ann MacPhee
Òrain Pìobaireach
Ceòl Mòr
Ailean DòmhnallachÒrain Pìobaireachd
Ceòl Mòr
Ailean Dòmhnallach
Step DancingBeginnerSophie StephensonStep DancingBeginnerSophie Stephenson
Step DancingIntermediateJayne MacLeodReels & Quadrlles
Step DancingAdvancedSabra MacGillivrayStep DancingAdvancedSabra MacGillivray
playing for dancing
Keith MacDonaldPiping
playing for dancing
Keith MacDonald
Youth FiddleMairi Thérèse Gilfedderall day
Youth PipingAshley MacDonaldall day