Phil & Aly | 21/09/19

21st An Lùnastal 2019

Phil Cunningham agus Aly Bain, dithist dhen luchd-chiùil tradaiseanta as fhèarr san t-saoghal, dol a chluich aig Talla an Ìochdair, 21mh dhen t-Sultain, 2019, 8f. £12

“So it goes and the two hours fly past, with ballads and waltzes reverberating in lilting harmony, then reels and Strathspeys getting faster and faster as the musicians compete with each other for speed and dexterity. Aly Bain’s fiddle moans with the throaty rasp of French chanteuses then sings like the shrill calls of seabirds from his native Shetland; while Phil Cunningham’s accordion and keyboard work soars into the symphonic with an unhurried virtuoso confidence.” – Max Scratchmann

Tiocaidean ri fhaighinn air an doras, £12. Faodar tiocaidean a ghlèidheadh le fònadh gu 01878 700 154 neo brath a chur gu