Gaelic language

Gaelic language (first & second choice)

Gaelic language from native speakers at a range of levels, from beginner to advanced intermediate. Classes cover grammar, pronunciation, idiom and conversational skills.


Seanchas Course (Gaelic-medium; second choice)

The ‘Seanchas’ course is a new Gaelic-medium course during the summer school, running during second choice and ‘Gaelic for All’ (10:45-12:30). The course will explore Gaelic ‘seanchas’ (oral lore) in its different manifestations. Members of the community will come in to speak to the class each day about a chosen subject, and students will be exposed to rich, natural Uist Gaelic, along with a unique part of Gaelic and island heritage.

Although students must be reasonably fluent to come on this course, help will be offered in terms of idiom and local dialectal features, where appropriate.
Angus John MacDonald, of Crois Moireig in North Uist, will lead the class. He has an excellent understanding of Gaelic ‘seanchas’, having grown up in a Gaelic crofting community and been involved in the recording and collecting of Gaelic oral lore, poetry and history from the end of the 1960s to the start of the 1970s.