Immersion Courses

Want to use and grow your Gaelic language skills within a community setting? Our Gaelic enrichment courses include active learning, workshops and fieldtrips, to get you out and about around Uist, speaking Gaelic. Courses cater for beginner to fluent levels, and include classes in grammar, conversational skills and review & consolidation. Students acquire contemporary Gaelic, as used within the modern-day community.

South Uist is home to the highest percentages of Gaelic language speakers in Scotland and is one of the strongest Gaelic-speaking communities in the world. Ceòlas is rooted within this Gaelic heartland, helping to preserve and celebrate the community’s unique Gaelic inheritance.

Next immersion courses:

  • 1 – 5 May, 2020


£600 – full accommodation, food & tuition

£400 – food & tuition, no accommodation

£350 – food & tuition, no accommodation, for residents in the Western Isles