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Gaelic Immersion Courses

As we emerge from Covid-19, and look forward to our move into Cnoc Soilleir, Ceòlas plans to offer in-person Gaelic immersion opportunities in Uist in 2022.

Booking is now open for weekly Gaelic classes and conversation sessions starting in September/October 2021. Please see our online shop for more information. If a class you wish to book is out of stock it is full, e-mail for the waiting list. We will try to add more classes if there is demand.

This year we have a new opportunity called “Till gu Gàidhlig / Return to Gaelic” which is for native speakers/former GME pupils, living in Uist, with children at primary school age, who want to bring back their Gaelic and gain more confidence in a supportive, fun environment.

For more information on any of our classes or learning opportunities, please contact Shona Masson, Gaelic Education Officer, at and see the poster below.


Want to use and grow your Gaelic language skills within a community setting? Our Gaelic enrichment courses include active learning, workshops and fieldtrips, to get you out and about around Uist, speaking Gaelic. Courses cater for beginner to fluent levels, and include classes in grammar, conversational skills and review & consolidation. Students acquire contemporary Gaelic, as used within the modern-day community.

South Uist is home to the highest percentages of Gaelic language speakers in Scotland and is one of the strongest Gaelic-speaking communities in the world. Ceòlas is rooted within this Gaelic heartland, helping to preserve and celebrate the community’s unique Gaelic inheritance.

In the meantime, here’s a short guide about recommended resources.