About Ceòlas

Ceòlas provides a unique opportunity to experience the living tradition within a vibrant Gaelic landscape. The organisation seeks to celebrate, promote and nurture traditional music, language, culture and heritage, collaborating with local, national and international communities who have shared interests.

a picture of a sandy beech at KIldonan

In our work, we:

  • Encourage both economic and social development by engaging with the local community, attracting visitors and creating opportunities.
  • Maintain and strengthen links between South Uist and Cape Breton, and continue to engage with other Celtic diaspora.
  • Provide high quality tuition from professional world class artists and thus ensure excellent learning and teaching for all.
  • Share our expertise in networking and facilitating event promotion for other organisations in the arts such as theatre, music, dance and film.

Since its establishment in 1996 by Hamish Moore with support from Pròiseact nan Ealan, Ceòlas has grown from a week-long music and dance school to become one of Scotland’s leading Gaelic culture, heritage and arts organisations. Ceòlas is a key driver in the island’s social and cultural resurgence and is committed to promoting a vibrant Gàidhlig culture for future generations. As part of this vision, we are currently engaged in an ambitious project in partnership with Lews Castle College UHI, to develop a centre for Gàidhlig music, dance and culture at Cnoc Soilleir Dalabrog, South Uist.

Ceòlas employs six members of staff and is overseen by a board of ten directors, supported by a community committee. In recognition of Ceòlas’ contribution to the community and local economy the organisation has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards:

  • Bòrd na Gàidhlig & Daily Record Gaelic (Finalist 2023)
  • HIE & Daily Record Gaelic Community, Heritage & Tourism Award (Finalist 2018)
  • National Lottery Good Causes Awards (UK Finalist 2016)
  • MG Alba & Daily Record Gaelic International Award for Art &Culture (Finalist 2016)
  • MG Alba & Daily Record Gaelic International Award for our international work and profile (Winner 2015)
  • Bòrd na Gàidhlig & Daily Record Gaelic as an Economic Asset (Winner 2014)
  • MG Alba & Daily Record Gaelic International Award for Ceòlas’ EOST Project (Finalist 2013)
  • Thistle Award Highlands & Islands for Cultural Tourism (Finalist)
  • MG Alba Community Project of the Year (Winner 2008)

If you would like to support the work that we do, to help us deliver activity that promotes and celebrates Gàidhlig music, dance and culture or to help us achieve our ambitious building plans for Uist then we welcome donations big and small.

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