November 22, 2016

Hamish Moore

Hamish Moore established Ceòlas Summer School in 1996 with the help and support of Malcolm MacLean of The National Gaelic Arts Project. Hamish steered Ceòlas as Artistic Director for the first few years until it became an integral part of the local South Uist community and since then, Ceòlas has gone on to become one of the leading lights in the Hebridean Community Arts, Culture and Heritage sector in Scotland and has delivered many innovative local, national and indeed international award-winning projects as well as awards from MGAlba Community Project of the year,  MG Alba Gaelic as an economic asset, Gaelic International Award..etc… Hamish can be proud of what he started!

Hamish was attracted to the Cape Breton tradition and how the music and culture in Cape Breton was still very strong with a very Gaelic ‘blas’.  Connections between South Uist and Cape Breton are obvious and therefore it made sense to locate the Summer School in South Uist and to strengthen links between the two Islands. Hamish has a track record of running summer schools in many places in Scotland and in the USA  in California, North Carolina and Vermont. The latter is in its twenty sixth year and is now run by his son Fin.hamish-moore-concert-barga-09232008-3