August 26, 2016

Cnoc Soilleir


Cnoc Soilleir concept drawing © John Renshaw Architects 2016

Cnoc Soilleir is a partnership project between Ceòlas Uibhist and Lews Castle College UHI (LCC) to establish a centre for Gàidhlig music, dance and cultural heritage in Uist. Cnoc Soilleir will support the growth of Ceòlas’ community-led activity around Gàidhlig language learning, music and dance, including the highly acclaimed Summer School, Winter Festival, Song Conference and Symposium. Cnoc Soilleir will also support the growth of the hugely successful LCC music programmes (BA in Applied Music, MA in Music and the environment, and HNC Music) and will provide capacity for the delivery of additional Creative Industry courses, enabling further growth in student numbers.

Our vision for Cnoc Soilleir is:

To be recognised as a centre for excellence for Gàidhlig language and culture, boasting a world-class performance space

To provide high-quality cultural events and activities throughout the year and excellent training, education and employment opportunities.

For Gàidhlig to be the language of Cnoc Soilleir and a place where students and visitors learn from and engage with our Gàidhlig-speaking community

For many years our community has looked forward to seeing a centre for Gaelic music, dance and culture here in Uist. We are excited to be at the threshold of achieving this ambitious project for Uist and need your help now to make this happen by donating to the capital fund.

With your support we envisage a place that our community, especially our young people, are proud of; a place where they can learn about and engage in traditional performing arts and where creativity and Gàidhlig culture will grow and flourish. By donating to this project you will be helping to make Uist an attractive place for people to visit and live and will be giving our young people more reasons to stay in the islands.

What activity will happen at Cnoc Soilleir?