Two plays come to Uist in October

‘Aisling Oidhche Meadhan Samhraidh’ and ‘Togail Naisean | Building a Nation’ will come to North and South Uist in early October. ‘Aisling Oidhche Meadhan Samhraidh‘, a one-man Gaelic-medium performance by Dàibhidh Walker based on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, is full humorous buffoonery. We are treated to a performance of magic, mischief, trickery and love with Read more about Two plays come to Uist in October[…]

Gaelic classes

Ceòlas Uibhist is looking to organise Gaelic language classes for a range of levels across Uist, in response to increasing demand. Beginner, intermediate, near-fluent and/or reading/writing classes may be organised in varying locations, relative to sufficient demand. Due to start in September, classes will run for 20-30 weeks. If you would like to register an Read more about Gaelic classes[…]

Ceòlas symposium illuminates mediaeval bardic lineage

The MacMhuirich family of classic bards, who resided in the townships of Stadhlaigearraidh and Dreumasdal in South Uist between the 16th and 19th centuries, were the subject of Ceòlas Uibhist’s 2017 community symposium. The community was out in force during the four day event, featuring lectures by professors Dr Sìm Innes, University of Glasgow, Dr Read more about Ceòlas symposium illuminates mediaeval bardic lineage[…]