Gaelic Media and Communications Officer

Ceòlas has empoyed a new officer who will help to grow Gaelic in Uist. Liam Alastair Crouse, from Rhode Island, started in post at the beginning of April, 2017.

The new position, which lasts 3 years, will increase Ceòlas’ Gaelic presence online, as well as encouraging Gaelic usage within local businesses. The post recieved funding from LEADER, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, HIE and CnES.

The officer will aim to take advantage of Uist’s cultural and linguistic resources, broadcasting them  to new audiences in a way that contributes to the local economy. As part of the work, new services will be offered to Uist-based companies and community groups that market the island’s unique heritage. Liam worked previously as a Gaelic Plans Officer with Bòrd na Gàidhlig in Inverness and as Ceòlas’ Gaelic Development Officer in 2015-16.

‘I am really looking forward to working with the community again,’ commented Liam. ‘It was great to be situated in a Gaelic community previously and I’m very happy that I got this opportunity to return to Ceòlas and to the warm Uist community.’

‘We were delighted that Liam accept the job offer. There was tough competition for the post with three others applying. His set of skills will allow him to effectively carry out this work, and when he was working for us previously on a ScotGrad placement, he worked very enthusiastically with the community.’