Gaelic Courses for GLE & GME Teachers

Gàidhlig an Uibhist le Ceòlas

When: 2 – 7th July 2017, during sgoil shamhraidh Ceòlas, 23 – 27 July 2017, during the Ceòlas symposium

Where: Sgoil shamhraidh: Dalaborg, South Uist; Symposium: Ìochdar, South Uist

Fee: £250, funding may be available from local authorities

Language level: Beginner to Fluent

Brief: The Gaelic Enrichment Course for Teachers is a career-long professional learning (CLPL) opportunity for current teachers of Gaelic Learner Education (GLE) and Gaelic-medium Education (GME) provision to use and develop their Gaelic language skills within a community setting. The classes will be tailored to the specific needs of the teachers, with up to six levels of ability available.

Classes include grammar, conversational skills, resources for the classroom, active learning (including workshops and fieldtrips) and review & consolidation, as well as the evening activities as part of the summer school.

Ceòlas Uibhist Ltd is rooted within the Gaelic heartland of South Uist, helping to preserve and celebrate the community’s unique Gaelic inheritance. The island’s rich wealth of music, language and culture remains strong. South Uist is home to the highest percentages of Gaelic language speakers in Scotland (Scotland’s Census, 2011), and Gaelic culture is inseparable from community. Research by Soillse (G Wells, 2011) also shows the Uist community as a particularly supportive and encouraging environment for Gaelic language learning.

Ceòlas is a distillation of the Hebridean heritage. Over the past twenty years, Ceòlas has been a key driver in the island’s social and cultural resurgence. The organisation focuses on performance and education that celebrates and promotes local Gaelic culture and heritage, as well as the strong cultural links of the Gàidhealtachd diaspora.

As a gateway to the strongest Gaelic community, Ceòlas is ideally positioned to help to preserve and disseminate this lasting inheritance.

Ceòlas and Gaelic Uist Course descriptor