New Hogmanay School

1st October 2015

SGOIL CHULLAIG, new Ceòlas Hogmanay School

Ceòlas is running Sgoil Chullaig, a new Hogmanay School, from Monday 28th December to Saturday 2nd January. This exciting new school extends the Ceòlas festival season into the New Year. Styled on the internationally renowned Summer School the Sgoil Chullaig offers tuition in Gaelic, Song, Piping, Fiddle and Step Dance and evening events including a welcome dance, New Year’s eve cèilidh and New Year’s Day cross-over concert.

Tutors include Angus Nicolson, Allan Henderson, Sìneag MacIntyre and Jayne MacLeod. Alongside the music and dance school Ceòlas is also running a Gaelic Heritage and Archaeology School with lectures, workshops, field-trips and traditional story-telling with local tradition bearers and experts. Students are welcome to participate in activities across both events.

Residential fees offer participants a special house ceilidh experience at Grogarry Lodge and includes six nights’ accommodation, breakfast, lunch and evening meals at the lodge, classes, trips and evening events. Non-residential fees include classes, trips, evening events and complimentary transport. Booking is essential. The closing date for booking is 20th November 2015.

Evening events will all be open to the community, including an opening dance with Trail West on 28th December at Talla an Iochdair. Day tickets can be booked once the full programme is published.