Gaelic Language Classes

18th September 2015

Ceòlas & LCC are looking to run a series of Gaelic language classes beginning in autumn for a range of levels and interests and would like to hear from you.

Ceòlas’ Gaelic Development Officer is keen to hear from those who might be interested in learning Gaelic, as well as those who would like an opportunity to practice their Gaelic in an informal setting. What day is best for you? What time? Are you a complete beginner or do you just need an occasion to use the Gaelic you have?

Fill in the Gaelic Open Day Survey and return it to Liam Crouse at Ceòlas Uibhist.

This event is open to students, members of the community, and employees who would like to learn Gaelic for work.

For further information please contact:  Liam Crouse, 01878 700154 and