’S e Ur Beatha – Symposium 2015

15th May 2015

Comm events & Symp 15Scotland celebrates its Food & Drink in 2015. The subject of this year’s Ceòlas symposium looks to put a Uist flavour on that theme, as well as marking the one-hundred year anniversary of aspects of World War 1. The Battle of Loos in 1915 marked a major loss of life from Uist in World War 1, in the Iochdar area alone, the death toll was thirty-two.

The Photographic Exhibition will remember those who served and inform us how life in the Islands continued for those left behind.

The event will reflect on food & drink customs and licensing laws from the previous century and the importance of hospitality in scattered communities, including trying leann nam biast and deoch bhàn with other tasty tidbits!


DiSathairne 25
5pm        Exhibition opens; Taigh Cèilidh Ghèirinnis
6pm        Murdo Beaton – ‘Reflections on the Battle of Loos’; Taigh Cèilidh Ghèirinnis

DiDòmhnaich 26
3pm        Outdoor Mass at Càrnan & Remembrance Service
5pm        Workshops – Animal husbandry, Iochdar traditional bake-off
6pm        Supper
7pm        Jo NicDhòmhnaill – ‘Biadh is Deoch ann an Òrain Ghàidhlig’
8pm        Local quiz & beer tasting

DiLuain 27
11am      Fr Michael MacDonald – ‘Licensing laws: as they affected the local community’
12pm      Sarah Marr – ‘Traditional foods through the ages’
1pm        Lunch
2pm        Air Chuairt – walk around Caolas
8pm        Piping Recital – Ailean Dòmhnallach & friends; Talla an Iochdair

DiMàirt 28
11am      Sarah Marr – ‘Healing Features of Plants’
12pm      Workshop – Dairy produce
1pm        Lunch
2:30pm  Air Chuairt – Borve Castle and surrounding area
8pm        Cèilidh – community cèilidh with Mòrag Dhòmhnallach & local artists, with Rena Gertz; Talla an Iochdair

Sunday:            Demonstration, supper, quiz, conversation (£10)
Monday:          Talks, lunch                            £10
Monday:          Air Chuairt                              £5
Monday:          Piping Recital                         £10
Tuesday:          Talks, lunch                            £10
Tuesday:          Air Chuairt                              £5
Tuesday:          Cèilidh                                     £10